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Stainless Steel Meat Ball Spoon

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A helpful kitchen gadget to make meatball. Soak the spoon into the oil and minced meat in a bowl, press slightly the minced meat through the spoon mouth powerfully, then scratch out the various size meatball by another bonus spoon and finally you can get a perfect meatball. 

Made of thick steel, durable and comfortable.

The elliptical hole is designed to imitate human hand-pulling forming and shaping effect of the meatball.
When the spoon is pressed, the meatballs can be formed, and it is easy and effortless to not stain the hands.
Long and comfortable handle, curved handle design, fit the hand curve and hold more comfortable.
The tail hole of the handle can be hung and stored, which is more convenient and space saving. 



1. Multi functional kitchen meatball maker.Can make meatball,rice ball,ice cream ball, watermelon-melon balls.

2.Convenient and quick to use.Rapid formation of meatball molds.

3.Food grade 304 stainless steel material.Durable and healthy.

4.Stainless steel mirror polishing process. Smooth surface.


Pay Attention:

Style A and B is stainless steel + wooden handle.

Style D is stainless steel + plastic handle.

Style C is all stainless steel.



Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Size:  Style A, B, C: 24cm x 5cm

         Style D Small: 17.3cm x 3.5cm

         Style D Large: 18.8cm x 5cm

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