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Cast Iron Frying Pan 26cm

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Cast Iron Frying Pan 26cm

The frying pan adopts one piece constructed cast iron, durable and long lasting.

Precise heat distribution – cast iron construction provides best heat retention and is ideal for high-temperature cooking.

Ultimate versatility – use for frying, grilling, braising, baking, searing, and sautéing a variety of meals!

Effortless use – ready-to-use, this cookware comes pre-seasoned and is easy to keep seasoned with minimal oil. Smooth interior and exterior surface for long-lasting, easy release.

Material: Cast Iron
Color: Black
Size: Diameter: 26cm, Depth 5cm        
Package List:
1 PC Cast Iron Frying Pan

1. There is no chemical non-stick coating on the surface of the pot body of this product.
2. The cast iron pot is formed by pouring iron water into the sand mold, and the pot will become greasy and smooth with the use of time.
3. If there is water stain on the pot body after use, please dry and seal it to avoid rust.
4.Please allow slight deviation for the measurement.

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