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Measuring Spoon Set

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Including 4 different sizes stainless steel measuring cups and 4 stainless steel measuring spoons, 2 O rings hold them together. Each cup's "ml" and cup sizes have passed clearly engraved marking.

All of our measuring cups and spoons are crafted from food grade high quality stainless steel. Measuring dry and liquid Ingredients, rust resistant, will not be polluted or eroded, make your cooking always safe and health. 

With handy loop and nests design keep them together, each cup attach to one removable stainless-steel ring separately, can take them off the ring easily, really good for dry and easy storage after cooking.

Item: Measuring Spoons
Material: Stainless Steel
Options: 4/8Pcs Measuring Spoons Set
Color: Rose Gold / Gold / Silver
feature 4: Measuring Tools Coffee Scoop

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