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Floral Ceramic Baking Tray

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Floral Ceramic Baking Tray

They are with very smooth surface, non stick and easy to clean features. They are safe,durable. It's long lasting and can offer unique baked good experience and very easy cleanup. Fit for baking or used as a serving dishes.

The product is fired at 1200 degrees Celsius and has a hard texture.

Each pattern is hand painted so each one is an unique piece.

Non-slip double handles for more safety. NOTE: Please use the Anti-hot gloves (excludes) to take the bakeware out when it is still hot.

High temperature resistance, can be used in microwave ovens, dishwashers, sterilizers, ovens. No direct fire and induction cooker.

Material: Ceramic

Rectangular Size: 20cm x 10.5cm x 4.5cm

Oval Size: 21.5cm x 12.8cm x 4.5cm

Color: 4 options


1 Ceramic products will inevitably have small defects such as lack of glaze, small black spots and bumps, and non-quality problems.

2 Please clean with a soft cloth. Do not use toner or brushes to avoid wearing marks.

3 If there are tea stains, you can wash them with lemon or vinegar.

Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring error is allowable in normal range.

5 There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item.

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