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Fish Scales Grater & Fish Bone Tweezers

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Fish Scales Grater

GOOD SCRAPERS --- You not only save time and effort when scraping scales, but there’s no mess from flying scales to clean up afterward. This unique fish scales grater has raised saw tooth on the underside for lifting and removing scales effectively.

EASY TO USE --- Simply lay the fish on a flat work surface and hold it firmly. Then use short strokes to scrape the length of the fish from the tail to the head until all scales are removed. Finally, rinse the fish thoroughly in cold water.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION WITH 304 STAINLESS STEEL --- We chose the finest quality stainless steel material because it is lightweight, long-lasting, and will not break easily. 

Fish Bone Tweezers

REMOVE BONES & VARIOUS USES - Enjoy fillets of fish or creamy fish pie with no pesky bones! These tweezers make it quick and simple to remove pin bones from fish(trout or crappie, or saltwater fish like swordfish, perch or salmon).They can also help you easily pull out the hair of animals and poultry.

DESIGN - 11.5cm length.reasonable and accurate design can make users more convenient and safe to use products. Skid proof and easy to operate.

DISHWASHER SAFE - They’re completely dishwasher safe and easy to clean

NON-SLIP GRIP -The flat and slant tweezers design is easier to get close to the surface of the object, sharp, practical and convenient and no damage to the surrounding flesh.

HIGH QUALITY- They are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, sturdy, strong and durable for lifetime

Material: Stainless steel
Size: As per photo

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