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Decorative Round Ceramic Bowl

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Strong contemporary shapes co-exist alongside fuss-free softer lines, perfect for everything from every day to special occasions. 
Designed to Last: Classic and elegant, Expertly designed and manufactured by skilled craftsman. This useful bowl may be used as a plate (pasta, salad) or as a bowl (soup, cereal).
DURABLE PORCELAIN: LEAD-FREE & NON-TOXIC bowls are drop and shock-resistant. Extremely hard glaze does not scratch and the edge strength will ensure years of use, durable and timeless classics in your cupboard.
GREAT FOR DECOR: These basic white bowls will complement any table decor, both for daily use and festive occasions. The wide design also is great for showing off your gorgeous creations!

Material: ceramic
Shape: Round
Surface: Smooth / Diamond
Size: Small / Large (Details measurement refer to photos)

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