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Oyster Knife With Leather Case

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Shucking Oyster has never been that easy

The oyster opener features stainless steel blade with a full tang mirror which gives excellent results with less effort. The mirror tang blade has been fastened together with three rivets on an elegant wood handle.

Oyster Knife handle has a hand guard to protect your hands even when they’re wet. This knife is convenient to hold and has great balance for its weight (it is very light).This knife also looks well-crafted and classy.

Carrying the tool is comfortable with its durable leather sheath which gives you the freedom to either clinch it on your belt or in your travel bag. No matter which option you may choose, the sheath will offer you a secure and comfy solution to move around with your knife.

Material: stainless steel+ wooden handle+ leather
Size: full length: 16.5cm,
Net Weight: 88g (including leather case); leather case net weight: 16g   thickness: 2.0mm
Color: stainless steel primary color + color wooden handle

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